Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some Valuable Comments

I recently received the following comments from two readers:

1. "A few ideas, to be taken with a grain (or many grains) of salt: while it's good to talk about the articles you've written, I think most people don't like getting a detailed rundown of all of them. Perhaps writing a blog post that further expands on an article is better, that way you indirectly (thus subtle) point us blog readers in their direction...Also, perhaps posting more often? Sometimes you have really good, inspired posts. It'll probably be a challenge for you to post everyday, but even being consistent with posts every other day would help. Hey just some constructive ideas..."

These are indeed some very constructive ideas. I am sure that it would have been more informative to expand on the articles that are being written for the Fool, so I will keep this in mind. My ultimate goal was to really provide an "archive" link if you will, of my various other writings. I want this blog to be a central source for any other thoughts and ideas that I may cover outside of the blog.

The lack of consistency in the postings is something I have been aware of and I am glad someone mentioned it (hence why I took the easy way out and just gave you links to other articles). Beginning next month, my priority will naturally shift to running the Gad Partners Fund via Gad Capital Management. The blog will remain active, but it will certainly have to take a back seat. Nonetheless I will provide some new content as best I can.

I had one comment asking whether or not I would post the partnership letters on the blog. Unfortunately, because of the "hedge fund" like similarities of the partnership with respect to its legal formation, I can not advertise the partnership like a mutual fund. While posting the letters might not be considered "advertising," I feel better playing in the center of the court rather than around the edges.

2. "Congrats on getting GCM off the ground. Do you still plan on writing for fool.com and the blog once you’ve started GCM? Thanks for the blog it has helped lead me in the right direction for my investing education."

I don't deserve this compliment. There are plenty of wonderful value investors out there that have allowed me to make this blog a possibility. I am glad I can be of some help.

With regards to my future writing commitments, let me post my response to this comment:

"Yes, I still plan to continue writing for the blog, the Motley Fool, etc. I feel that the written word is very helpful to an investor. Putting my reasoning on paper is a great mental exercise for me. For example, last week I was wanting to understand the fine points of the securitization process.

As I begin to mentally gather ideas, it occurred to me that it would be very helpful to me to write down the process. The end result was an article. I wish I could say that I would contribute on a regular basis, but with the start of the partnership, the rate of postings will be a little slower, at least initially."

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