Monday, July 16, 2007

Value Investing Articles at The Motley Fool

Some of you may know that I was offerred a great opportunity to post articles and other value investing musings on the Motley Fool. Below are some links to the articles.

"The Intelligent Investor's Investment"

Buffett and Pabrai Break Bread

Investing Lessons From Benjamin Graham

Long-Term Riches on Tap

The Skinny on Sub-Prime


Anonymous said...

The big numbers associated with "Intangibles" and "Goodwill" on the balance sheet of Mueller look kind of scary at first glance. Not much equity left minus those. Though I haven't read the annual report to see what they actually consist of.

College Knowledge said...

Sham -

A few ideas, to be taken with a grain (or many grains) of salt: while it's good to talk about the articles you've written, I think most people don't like getting a detailed rundown of all of them. Perhaps writing a blog post that further expands on an article is better, that way you indirectly (thus subtle) point us blog readers in their direction...

Also, perhaps posting more often? Sometimes you have really good, inspired posts. It'll probably be a challenge for you to post everyday, but even being consistent with posts every other day would help.

Hey just some constructive ideas...

Sham Gad said...


Thank you for your valuable input. Your suggestions probably speak for a lot of readers.

I have just added another posting. As my investment vehicle gets underway, it will get more difficult to post regularly.